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Sandy Roe
Science Specialist
Content Specialists
(501)882-5467 Ext. 3228
Dena Rooks
Teacher Recruitment & Retention Coordinator
Content Specialists
(501)882-5467 ext. 2241
April Rose
Literacy Specialist/Dyslexia Support Specialist
Content Specialists
(501)882-8614 Ext. 3224
Jessica Sanchez
ECH Programmer
Early Childhood
(501)882-3852 Ext. 4225
Tori Sanders
ECSE Speech Therapist
Early Childhood
Brook Singletary
Technology Coordinator
501-882-5467 ext. 2232
Shayne Wallis
Computer Technologist, White County Central
(501)729-3992 Ext 27
Crystal Weatherford
ECSE Teacher
Early Childhood
Misty Wolfe
Assistant Bookkeeper
(501)882-5467 ext. 2239