Brook Singletary, Technology Coordinator

Christian Armstrong, IT Specialist

Shayne Wallis - White County Central School District

Kyle Cross - Riverview School District

Cynthia Armstrong - Bradford School District

Brian Chester - Bradford, Rose Bud, Pangburn School Districts


The goal of the WDMESC Computer Technology Program is to provide technical support to WDMESC member school districts and personnel. This support will include assistance in instructional technology; information processing; installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of computer networks and related assemblies; staff development and E-rate application guidance and assistance.

Member districts receive assistance in implementation of network systems in their districts; member schools receive help in linking with the Arkansas Public School Computer Network (APSCN). Technologists are also available to assist the districts in evaluation of needs, planning, and purchasing of new equipment, and in special software application development for specific needs within the co-op and among member districts.

The technology staff will assist member districts in the E-rate application process, including guidance in filling out 470 and 471 forms, assistance in developing technology plans, assistance in evaluating districts' needs and developing RFP's, and evaluating vendor bids.

It is the aim of the WDMESC technology program to provide in-service training on blended learning and instructional technology as well as in the operation and use of computer hardware and software. With that goal in mind, the technology staff has installed a computer network lab at 114 North Main. This allows for Internet training and training for member districts on the APSCN Pentamation program. The lab is available for training sessions on instructional technology, basic computer operations, application usage, and network administration training for district-level coordinators.

The Technology Coordinator position is a competitive grant, funded through DESE.