Science Specialists


The goal of WDMESC Science Program is to provide and enrich the curriculum base, content knowledge, and teaching strategies of science teachers. This will be accomplished by providing valuable teaching tools and access to technology.


  • Provide professional development opportunities for classroom teachers and administrators, including LDC and MDC.
  • Collaborate with the Arkansas Department of Education in school improvement efforts.
  • Coordinate services provided by WDMESC with Math/Science Centers whenever possible.
  • Be a continuing resource for science and technology materials.
  • Support the standards set forth by and outlined in the Arkansas Science Standards and National Science Education Standards.
  • Promote quality science education.
  • Coach, model, and assist individual teachers and schools in classroom instruction, curriculum alignment, and assessment strategies.

Examples of Professional Development and Assistance provided by WDMESC:

  • Coaching
  • Model teaching
  • Performance assessments and assessment styles
  • Professional development designed for individual schools and teachers
  • Preparing and using rubrics
  • Training in laboratory procedures
  • Research
  • UbD
  • Picture Perfect Science
  • Science and Literacy
  • Providing hands-on activities that foster problem-solving, curriculum development, critical and creative thinking and alignment
  • Assisting in incorporating appropriate technology into the classroom curriculum
  • TESS/CWT/Novice Teacher Support
  • STEM/Engineering for Science Students

The goal of a K-12 Science Program:

  • Includes Science in every grade.
  • Should be a sequential program.
  • Enriches the skills of problem solving, critical and creative thinking by using hands-on activities.
  • Encourages and actively engages students in all aspects of science.
  • Correlates with real-world experiences and situations.
  • Incorporates appropriate technology.